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What Do You Know!?

I never thought I'd have so much to talk about when it came to batting. But wow, there really is a perfect batting for each and every project. Have you ever wondered what the best batting would be for a baby quilt versus a quilted garment? Well, I made a YouTube video talking about different kinds of batting and their best uses. I also covered some characteristics that make different battings ideal for different kinds of projects.

Do you want to be able to wash your table runners and placemats again and again without having them lose their shape? It just so happens, there’s a perfect batting for that :) If you watched the video and didn’t get all your questions answered, I wrote this handy little pocket guide packed with every question and answer you could think of! I really hope it helps :) KNOW YOUR BATTING

You guys know I love to make scrap quilts every chance I get. This week, I was able to quilt and bind a few of them! I've been stacking up quite a pile of tops since we had a very long wet spring here in the NW, so yard work had to wait (I wasn't super bummed about that ;)

And just like that, the sun came out and the quilts were done. Look how cute they are all lined up along the fence! These are scrap quilts, right down to piecing the batting from scraps :) If you've never pieced your scraps of batting, it can be rewarding! Here is a blog I did a while back on the processes for piecing different types of batting.

Oh, and one more thing! Many of you have been waiting for more kits for my Lollipops and Licorice quilt to become available. We just made up more kits for the Lap size from Jen Kingwell's newest line "Lookout". It's so cheerful and fun, I think you're going to love it! For those who haven't seen it, here's a link to my Lollipops & Licorice video, the pattern, and the mini ruler.

Happy Sunday everyone,


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