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What Could You Do with a 2½" Strip?

Or four 2½” strips? How about a cute Christmas stocking?! You know me and my funny little scrap projects. I had some remnant pieces from the Gilded Christmas Tree Skirt, and I thought I’d put them to good use.

I cut two striped 2½” strips, one white dot 2½” strip, and one darker green 2½” strip. Sew these together into two different sets, as shown, and press the seams open.

Cut across the strip set in 2½” sections. I used the Mini Diamond Ruler for this, but you could use the large one as well. Trim the end off the strip set at a 60-degree angle then use the 2½” diamond line on the ruler to measure and cut each section. Use the flat tip of the ruler to trim the tips off flat.

Cut the second strip set in the same way and make two stacks of double diamond blocks.

I laid out my stocking template (free printable here) and began adding double-diamond units in rows to cover it. I made sure to add plenty of extra blocks to both the length and width knowing it would shrink up quite a bit once all the seams were sewn.

Here is how it looked before I started sewing the double-diamond units together. I separated a couple of units to fill in here and there.

I sewed the double-diamond units into rows. One row is a green stripe and white dot and the next row is a green stripe and darker green print. Press all the seams open.

Here, I took the first three rows to sew together. I folded the top right one down onto the next one, then pinned my intersections. These intersections will crisscross each other ¼” from the raw edge. To get a good match, I peeled back the edge of the block set ¼” to line up the seams and then pinned it in place.

Here are the first three rows sewn together. Continue adding rows until the whole thing is pieced together. I placed the stocking template back over the top to make sure it was big enough.

Now to quilt it! I added a simple muslin backing, and some batting, and quilted through all the layers. You can see here I made a second red version at the other end of the batting. I also quilted up a backing piece for both stockings with some extra dot fabric.

Cut out the stocking from the quilted piece, then place it face down on the quilted backing piece to cut a matching back.

Pin the two layers together and stitch down one side, around the toe, and up the other side leaving the top open. I went ahead and serged around the edges after I stitched it to finish it off on the inside, but you could add a lining instead.

To bind off the top edge and add the hanging loop, I cut a 2¼” strip and pressed it in half lengthwise. I started at the back seam and stitched the binding down around the top edge. I sewed the binding on with the stocking turned inside out so I could wrap it around to the front and topstitch it down.

Here you can see how I overlapped the ends and left about a 6” tail to make my loop.

I turned the stocking right side out and rolled the binding from the inside to the outside to topstitch.

This is what that intersection looked like as I was finishing it off. I kept stitching the extra binding tail folded into itself and then looped it over and stitched it down on the inside of the stocking to make the hanging loop.

Tada! Here they are all finished up. Pretty stinkin’ cute if I do say so myself :)

And, it’s that time of year again. I’m going through my closet pulling out all my samples and the other fun pieces I've made this year to raise money for one of my favorite charities, Angel Tree. This year, we are trying a new platform so we can open the auction to everyone. To test that platform before next week when the big silent auction takes place, we are auctioning off my Vintage Windmill quilt all dressed up in Christmas colors. Isn’t it cute?! The link to the auction for my Christmas version of Vintage Windmill is here, and the opening bid is $5.00. The auction will run until Wednesday at 3:00 pm with all the proceeds going to charity, so don’t be shy, and you'll automatically be notified if you are the winner.

(You'll be able to register to bid using Facebook, Google or email. And, all your information is private. You won't be asked for your personal information unless you win.)

Happy Sunday everyone,


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