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Cuts smaller diamonds, triangles, hexagons, 

parallelograms and trapezoids.


Meet the Mini 60 Degree Diamond Ruler! It has all of the great features of the original 60-degree Diamond Ruler (CGR60DIA) but in a smaller, easier-to-manipulate size for smaller projects! The mini cuts 60-degree diamonds up to 4½ inches; hexies up to 4½ inches; and 60-degree triangles up to 4½ inches. Maximize the design potential by cutting them from strip sets. It comes with fully-illustrated step-by-step instructions or scan the QR Code printed on the instructions to view a video 



Works with these Krista Moser

Quilted Life Designs:

Bumblebee Blossoms

Rock'n Roller Coaster

Buffalo Lodge

Pool Party (Cut Loose Press)

Vintage Windmill

Two Scoops

The Wreath Quilt Sampler

Lollipops & Licorice

Snowflake Lane

Fall Foliage



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