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Show and Tell!

This should be inspiring! You may know we did a quilt along for my latest pattern, Fall Foliage, this past fall. Each week, for five weeks, I recorded a video lesson the participants watched before moving to the next part of the process. And boy, was it fun to see these quilts come together! I think you'll agree, this is quite the parade of eye candy. The creativity in color choice and layout is so inspiring, I find myself saying, wow, why didn’t I think of that?! Haha! I hope you enjoy this amazing show of workmanship. I'm so thrilled to share your work with the big wide world of quilters :) 

Happy Sunday everyone,


Julie Belz

I am quilting mine this weekend to have it done for my quilt group's quilt show next weekend in Red Wing. I'll try to post a picture when it is done. It has been my favorite quilt to make this past year.

Kristin Nelson

I hadn’t gotten very far because I had too many things to do, so I had no time for sewing. Hopefully, I’ll have time to sew this weekend. Krista, you always make your amazing designs so easy and enjoyable to sew. Your tips about how to use the bias and straight of grain to your advantage when sewing have been a game changer for easier accuracy! I always strive for perfection and sometimes it’s frustrating to get all the seams matched perfectly, but with your technique, it comes out perfect with minimal struggle. I have learned so much from watching your videos, thank you for all of your hard work!

Carol Richardson

Laid out my blocks, totally not close to finished but working on it. Love the green background! Have a cream fleece for the back and dark green for binding! Will use gold thread for quilting!!! One row at a time!! I am so excited to get going again!! Great pattern Krista!! It is a journey in color hues, contrasts, matching and not so matching Machie!! I am now a master of colors!! lol!!

Deborah Jacobs

Happy (almost) New Year’s everyone. My quilt is almost complete. All I need to finish is tacking the front binding. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this quilting experience and watching each person’s squares come together. I learned to enjoy the process. That each small piece fits into a larger piece, and all those pieces work together to make a beautiful treasure.

I also learned I need to always use a starter piece of fabric. Thank you, Krista Moser, The Quilted Life for taking me on this journey. My quilt will be donated to my husband’s company to auction for their community charity fund. As will your City Girl Chevron which I am completing.

LaDauna Jorgenson Wilson

My Fall Foliage quilt top is done. I used Kona Solid Berry for the background and various solids for the leaves. Also added a couple of rows and columns to make it larger. I love it! Thank you Krista Moser for another great pattern and sew along.

Ann Jeffrey

My Foliage is destined as a donation and needs to be a bit larger. I rotated it 90 degrees and added another row to the shorter measurement to get 61" by 71". It is being quilted right now so I am showing the flimsy. I did not have any ombre fabric and I took a page from Bonnie Hunter to make my background a scrappy rich cream assortment. On a sunny day in the fall, the air just seems to be golden as it reflects all the brightly colored leaves. I enjoyed this project and almost all my points are perfect. I really like that diamond ruler Krista.

Finished the tablecloth requested by my daughter-in-law. The size is customized for your coffee table. And it has been waterproofed with a specific product, which gives it that wrinkled look. I used AGF fabrics "pure solids" None of the leaves are the same as the others.

I loved this first pattern by Krista, and I have many more on the table. The use of Diamond rules is great and allows for super-precise cuts!! Learned the Y join stitches to put hexagons together. I loved doing this piece! Thank you, Krista, my daughter-in-law loves it!

Borders are made, just need to sew them on and get it quilted. Thank you for the journey Krista, I really enjoyed it.

 For the blog post, I made more blocks than I needed so I could make it bigger. This isn’t the final layout, but she’ll be done in the next few months. I’ll enter it in our guild’s quilt show, which will be in October. I’m very much a “fly by the seat of my pants” quilter, and I like to change things to suit my creativity. I learned, even after 35+ years of quilting that I can follow a pattern and still change things up a bit to suit my style!

In the past, I've avoided bias edges where possible and starched the living daylights out of fabric when I couldn't avoid bias. I don't yet claim to have mastered bias but I have improved! A lot. I've never been so mindful of bias edges as I was while working on my two Fall Foliage tops. The first was from a variety of reds and light greys. Although you can't see it in this photo, I added an extra row. Once I trimmed the sides, I turned the top into my guild's Quilts of Valour (Canada) group. I hope to get a better photo after it is quilted and bound.

I also made a top I intend to keep for myself. I finished assembling it this afternoon. I'll trim the sides, choose a backing, and take it to one of our local longarm quilters in January. Thanks for the helpful videos and feedback, Krista Moser The Quilted Life.

Denise Quilting

Work In Progress, the quilting is not completed yet. I am quilting a different background quilting motif in each hexagonal ring as it radiates out from the center. The center is the green leaf in the top row with the lightest purple background. I learned that free motion quilting "straightish" lines on a domestic sewing machine for a quilt this size is difficult. I should have stuck to wavy lines and curly motifs.

Deloras Amore

Not quilted but soon.

Rhonda Davis

One of my favorite quilts! If I make another one, I definitely would use your coloring sheet before cutting. Anyway, Krista, you're the best!

Just loved doing this quilt! My husband is enjoying it greatly. I learn something new it seems, with every quilt I make. I loved the term engineered corners and now I can tell straight of grain and bias without stretching the fabric. Thank you, Krista, I have enjoyed making many of your creations and look forward to making many more. Happy New Year!

Karen Pickford

I loved this project so much, I couldn't stop! The table runner was a test piece, but every time I saw a different background I was amazed and wanted that, too. Hopefully, I'll be able to quilt these soon.

I am officially done with my fall foliage from Krista Moser the Quilted Life. I found comparable fabrics at a local shop and I LOVE THIS QUILT. This is the third quilt I have made from your patterns. Your use of color is just delightful. This was a fun project!

Loved the creativity and working with colors.

My favorite takeaways from your videos are:

  1. Slow Down!

  2. Engineered corners

  3. Use a stiletto 

  4. Straight of grain on top of bias cut when joining

  5. Iron often

  6. Did I mention Slow Down!

  7. No compromise

  8. Don't hesitate to unzip & resew if off > 1/32"

  9. 2.0 stitch length

Now, I have the confidence to take another shot at Entangled Sky.

I finished, thank you Krista Moser The Quilted Life!

Quilted and washed. Ready to be sent to my parents to enjoy.

Slow and steady... I finished the full leaves! Some adjustments are to be made!

 I have been quilting for 30 years and still learned a lot from your pattern especially how to deal with bias edges. Looking forward to your next sew-along project.

I love this pattern and fabric! Making progress.

Beth Davis

I finally had a nice enough day to take a picture of my Fall Foliage!! Really enjoyed making this quilt Krista!

Mimi Lawson

Well, it’s taken a while. In Australia, fabrics are not as plentiful as in the US. It took a little time to source them as I had to break down the greens into three fabrics. I couldn’t get any Ombre so had to settle for Moda Grunge fabrics. I really enjoyed doing this Quilt Along as well as seeing all the other wonderful posts over the past few weeks. Thank you Krista Moser love all the work you do. Now to do the backing and put it on my quilting frame but that can wait until after Christmas. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all of you.

Yeah! All rows are sewn together! Trimming then quilting! Thank you Krista for a beautiful and wonderful pattern!

Amy Payne

Thank you, Krista Moser, The Quilted Life for designing my most favorite quilt and hosting the quilt along! Enjoying a light snow in KS to complement the leaves today.

Kathy Syring

Thank you!! It is an amazing pattern!

Here is my quilt top. I used 28 different fabrics for the leaves. It will be great on my wall for fall. Thanks, Krista.

Cathy Cameron

Making progress! I love these leaves!!

Finished mine today!!!

Tara Jones Wohlford

The first couple weeks of cutting and these 3 blocks are all I had done when I took this photo a couple of days ago. Now, I can add one more block to the mix.

Julie Goetz

My Fall Foliage.

Currently working on a pieced border, but in the meantime here is a picture of my center.

My top is finally finished. The quilting still has to wait, now it's time to start the Christmas stuff.

I was grateful for a little found and unexpected sewing time the other day and finished my blocks. Now onto the connector blocks! (My design wall is not quite wide enough.)

Mary Miglis

Here's my first row - three blocks finished and the 4th ready to sew after my morning walk. The first block of the next row is awaiting background choices. The triangle connector blocks are just helping with spacing the blocks and not in their final positions.

Finished the top. I added a row since I had enough fabric. I'm quite satisfied, some points are not perfect.

Linda McKee Kau

After several days of power outages, my Fall Foliage top is one piece. I must admit, I smiled and shook my head a bit as I sewed on this one. Sewing falling leaves while a record snowstorm brewed outside. Seemed a bit unusual. BTW, using 2 very different ombres wasn't a great idea. I may try again using some batiks. I think the movement in some nice batiks would be much prettier!

Leslie Davis

It's been a struggle trying to keep up, but I have my parts all sewn. Just need to figure out my layout.

Krista Cummings

I love leaves, so I had to do this one. Can’t wait for my purple kit to arrive so I can make it again. Thank you, Krista Moser, The Quilted Life for your wonderful patterns. Can’t wait to see your next one.

Lois Dean

Lots of color shifting has happened this week. I think my blocks are ready for rows.

Mary Fitzgibbons

Finished the piecing. I need the design wall for another project!

My layout and all blocks are done. Can't wait to see the finished quilt. But isn't it always like that?

Jackie Chapp Carroll

This was another great quilt along Krista Moser, the Quilted Life! Thank you so much for doing these. I love everything about this one, and can’t wait for what you might be planning next.

I liked making this fall foliage quilt so much, I did it twice. The teal and gold version was inspired by the backing fabric that's hanging next to the quilt. The more colorful version was also fun. The background fabrics are ombres from Jennifer Sampou. The pattern is by Krista Moser. I will quilt them before next fall.

Linda Snyder

All my leaves are ready. Whew!

Susan Lynn

I used Jennifer Sampou Sky Ombre fabrics. The purple background is Cerise. I also like the blue background table runner… making a few more of these for Thanksgiving tables.

Claudia Knight

Another row finished. 7 leaves to go. It is self-bending well.

Carol-Ann Cox

Happy New Year everyone!


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