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Scalloped Magic

Quick Split Broken Star, by Jane Krentz- from her book, Quick Star Quilts

I've been working on a Spring inspired project this last week… just pulling my color palette together and starting to imagine what the finished quilt will look like. I’m thinking of a sweet and cheerful color scheme that is a little whimsical and girly… and there may be a butterfly or two involved :) This got me thinking about scalloped borders. Have you ever done a scalloped border? I think it might be the single best way to make any quilt look special and a little bit girly.

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Scalloped borders can be done on any quilt no matter how wide the borders are or what size the quilt is. I've cut narrow 2½” borders into a shallow curved scallop around a wall hanging, and 10” borders into a deep scallop around a king-size quilt. Your quilts will instantly take on the va-va-voom factor, and you won't believe how easy it is!

Many of you may know, a couple of years ago, I developed my no-math scalloped border technique into a tool that takes all the measuring, Math, and guesswork out of marking and cutting a scalloped edge. In this video, I show you how that works and I think you’ll be eager to give it a try once you see this trick!

Once you’ve got your scalloped border cut and your quilt quilted, you’ll need to bind it. There are a few little pointers that I like to share with my students when they are sewing binding to a curved edge. I filmed this video to share those tips and tricks with a wider audience, and you can come back to get a refresher lesson over and over if needed!

And last but not least… How about cutting bias binding? I like to cut bias binding for many of my quilts (bias edge or not), especially when using a striped fabric. But for a scalloped border quilt, you will need to cut your binding on the bias to manipulate it around the curved edge with ease. In this video, I show you the simplest napkin-fold way to cut bias binding for your quilt.

I hope you found something helpful here! And maybe some inspiration to try something new 🙂

Happy Sunday everyone,


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