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Let's Celebrate!

Happy Memorial Day, weekend! I hope it is filled with rest, relaxation and good food too

:). I spent the better part of last week at Quilt Market in Kansas City (I’ll show you those pictures next week!). I was so busy getting ready for all that, that I didn’t get to post much about my newest pattern… and I’m crazy about this quilt, it might just be a new favorite!

This is Summer Swag, it has all the flare of a summer picnic blanket… I even threw in some strawberry fabric for good measure. The blocks are large and uncomplicated, but they look totally dramatic!

We went out on another one of our photography adventures and took quite a few fun pictures.

So to celebrate the weekend and the launch of a new pattern, we are doing a Memorial Day sale! All of my patterns are 20% off through tomorrow night! The discount is already set up in the store, so you just have to add items to your cart.

Many of you have emailed me about kits for these quilts, I haven’t done anything official with that idea yet, but I am working in that direction :) So, thank you for the encouragement and I’m thrilled you like what you see!

Happy Sunday, everyone!


Follow all my quilty adventures on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Visit my website for free tutorials and tips. If you like my patterns, you can buy them on Etsy, and here on the website.

PS: I'd love you to leave a comment. Unfortunately, the new hosting software requires a login which is out of our control for the time being. (They are working on a comments section we hope will function more like the old one). For now, if you want to leave a comment, but don't want to login, you can always send an email to me at I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


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1 Comment

I LOVE this quilt!!! It is so happy looking. You have such a talent for choosing the right fabric colors for your quilts. Selling kits is a wonderful idea. Let me know when you have one put together for this Actually going to buy the pattern right now.

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