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How to Bind a Hexagon

I received an email this week asking if I’d ever done a blog about binding hexagons? Hmmm, now that you mention it, that would make a great blog :) and I hadn’t even thought of it!

So, I whipped up this little table center mat out of an orphan block from Vintage Windmill and cut some binding strips.

Mark ¼” dots in all the corners. I sewed my binding to the back, then wrapped it to the front to topstitch, and marked my dots on the back. (You could do this same process from the front. ) I used the Large 60 Degree Diamond Ruler and nestled the side angle into each of the six corners. There's a hole in the ruler, ¼” from the outside edge, perfect for dropping a fabric marking pen or pencil through to mark the correct spot.

I laid my binding down the first side and put a pin right through the binding into the dot at the ¼” mark. Secure the pin and stitch right up to it from 2-3” back.

Once the needle reaches the pin, pull it out, drop the needle, and lift the presser foot. Swivel the hexagon around until the pressure foot is facing out, and stitch straight off the corner.

Bend the binding strip down the next side, creating a little fold in the corner you just stitched off. It will not be a big overlapping fold because these corners are so shallow.

Place a pin just beyond the corner fold, to hold it in place, while you start stitching down the next side. Start your stitch off the edge of the hexagon. Stitch right up onto the quilt and over the little fold.

Do this same process to all six corners, then join the two ends of the binding together. Here is a video I made a while ago showing that process if you need help!

Roll the binding around to the front and topstitch into place. Use your fingers to fold the binding corners on the front and crimp into place. It might help to use a straight pin to hold the little folds at the corners until you are just about on top of them with the sewing machine.

Here are the results! Nice, crisp, shallow corners all the way around the hexagon.

I hope that helps :)

Happy Sunday everyone.


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