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What I Saw at Quilt Market

Every quilt market I do a little review of what I saw and what trends I noticed. I take a lot of pictures and it’s fun to look through them and group the themes I think you’ll be seeing in your local quilt shop in the year ahead!

The first thing I noticed was a lot of novelty quilts with a playful kid-friendly feel… Some of the cutest pieced quilts I have seen in a while, everything from ice cream cones to sneakers to actual images of little kids. There were donuts and popcorn and pencils all done in traditional piecing rather than applique. 

There were a lot of big panels with sayings printed on them or words pieced into quilts. This Christmas panel was embellished with chenille strips to make the words three dimensional… such a cute idea!

Fruit was another cute trend, I saw in quite a few places. Lots of citrus and pineapple pieced in, or appliqued on, in all kinds of clever ways.

Colorwash is making a big comeback it seems! These small quilts had colorwash backgrounds with images of different things appliqued in the middle…

That brings us to the trucks :) This year, the little country style truck was everywhere: red, blue, and green. It was printed on fabric or pieced into quilts; there are whole fabrics lines developed around this little truck theme. 

The Christmas collections looked super sweet this year. Little houses and mugs of cocoa and reindeer with skinny legs and plaid bodies. There are some clever designers out there!

One thing I saw, that made me really excited, was the use of unconventional fabric in quilting. There was this whole quilt pieced out of gauze, it was the softest thing! And then there was Violet Craft's booth that was mostly velveteen wovens mixed in with her new collection. I think the quilting world is turning over a new leaf :)

I saw some pretty color palettes and stunning quilts. It’s always a visual feast, and there is plenty to take inspiration from.

I hope you enjoyed the tour! 

Happy Sunday, everyone.


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