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What A Trip!

I just have to share this beautiful place with you guys! I was able to teach in one of the most serene locations I’ve been in a while… Joseph, Oregon. 

Last weekend, I was doing a workshop for the Wallowa Mountain Quilt Guild. They are in North East Oregon, and since that’s about a seven-hour drive from home, we thought there were bound to be some photoshoot opportunities very different from the ones around here … let’s just say it did not disappoint :)

This week is going to be a different kind of blog, just lots and lots of pretty pictures. I stayed in this charming little cabin with full mountain views out every deer walking by in the morning, not seeming to mind me joining them outside while I drank my coffee.

If you like barn photos, this is your dream trip! They are all so unique and timeless… of course barns and quilts go hand in hand.

The workshop students were delightful, and we had fun laying out their quilts, adding movement through color placement. You’ll see several gals looking through their phone cameras as they move pieces around.

This is a little trick I use to help “flatten” the colors. We don’t actually take the pic or turn it into grayscale, we just use the camera lens to remove any distractions from the frame so you can see the quilt as a whole instead of a bunch of pieces. If something is out of place, you’ll spot it faster using this trick!

Just before leaving town for the long trek home, we had a hearty breakfast at the cutest bakery in town, Sugar Time Bakery. I don’t know if you can see it well in these photos, but they had the best lighting ideas… they actually made wire whisks, from dough mixers, into chandeliers and lampshades! Cuuuute!

I hope you enjoyed that. It’s fun to share a little more behind the scenes stuff from time to time :)

Happy Sunday everyone!


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