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They Might Need Some Ideas!

It’s that time of year again… when everyone is scrambling for little last-minute gift ideas and small bits and bobs to fill the stockings. I thought it might be helpful to work up a quilters stocking stuffer checklist that you might casually leave lying around (or taped to your spouse's steering wheel).

You can check off items you’d like and make important notes to specify size or type. This is just a jumping-off point, so feel free to add your own flare. I do think hobbies like quilting, with its very specific idiosyncrasies, can be intimidating to shop for… so maybe this list will take the edge off the panic. I put a couple of my personal favorites on this list (that hand lotion is the all-time best, and those chocolates are seriously amazing), but you can change these items to suit your own taste!

Happy Sunday everyone,


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