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Sweet Treats

What’s this? A woven heart gift bag for your favorite valentine! This would make great gifts for teachers or maybe even cute party favors for a bridal shower… and it’s so easy, you’ll love it!

Take two strips of fabric, cut about 4” wide (you’ll trim them down to 3.5” after fusing). I cut these from a pink and a red fat quarter, so my strips were about 21” long.

Put fusible web, like Wonder Under or Steam a Seam, on the backside of one of the strips. Once it’s fused, peel the paper side off and fuse it to the other strip (back to back).

Now, you have a two-sided piece of fabric. Cut this into two smaller rectangles, 3.5” x 10”.

Press each one in half, one with the pink side out and one with the red side out.

From the folded end, mark a line 3.5” in, then cut slits ⅞” apart up to that line. Do this to both pieces.

I used a water glass to mark a rounded end on the non-slit end, then rounded off the square edges.

Now, you’re ready to weave! Take the red side and thread it between the layers on the first pink strip. Then, open the red strip and thread the second pink strip through it. Repeat this twice more, closing the strip to thread it through, then opening it to let the next one pass through it.

The next red strip starts in the opposite way, as the first one, and so on and so forth until each of the four strips are woven together completing the heart. When it's done, the heart should open like a little pouch.

I decided to attach a ribbon to each side to tie it closed. You could also make this into a handle for a kind of basket. You could even make it with a layer of fabric fused to paper and that would make it a bit stiffer.

Well, what do you think?! A festive little crafting idea to fill with sweet treats :)

Happy Sunday, everyone!


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