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Scrappy Concepts

I have been going through more closets and scrap baskets this week… I can’t believe how these blocks multiply behind my back ;)

I finally settled on a strategy to make something useful out of every last thing… I separated the orphan blocks into 8½”, 6½” and 4½” stacks. If the blocks were odd-sized, I cut them down to the next closest size in these categories.

Here you see my 8½” diamond orphan blocks, with 8½” triangle blocks leftover from my Entangled Sky quilt, used as setting units to make a row! I’ve got enough of these to make about three rows, and that’ll be a nice (and very bright) baby quilt!

Here, I have sewn itty bitty scraps together to make 4½” hexagons. I used some 2½” white triangles to set them into a row. Maybe with a few more blocks, this will make a fun table runner.

I sewed 4½” triangles together to make an 8½” hexagon and surrounded it on each side with 8½” diamond units (measured from tip to tip). I filled in with more 4½” triangle units to get my row units. If you could see the stack of these scrap blocks I have, you’d think I could make a twin size quilt! Ugh, where do they come from?!

Here’s a different layout. I only had six of these scrappy 6½” diamond blocks, so I decided to lay them out as a star for the center and surround them with 6 ½” triangle blocks that I have been holding onto for, uh, years now… another baby quilt in the works :)

Finally, I pulled out all these leftover cuts from 2½” strips. These were from my Entangled Sky pattern, and they were too nice to toss! They are odd-shaped trapezoids left over from the folded middle section of the strips. I opened them all up and pressed out the center crease. Then, I laid them out flip-flopping them so their angles nested with the next one to create rows. I was loosely going for a sunset effect. I'll keep playing with the layout; it looks like it’ll be about the size of a baby quilt. 

With any luck, I will see the bottom of these stacks someday soon :)

Happy Sunday everyone, Krista Follow all my quilty adventures on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Visit my Youtube channel for free tutorials and tips. If you like my patterns, you can buy them on Etsy, and here on the website.


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