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Pretty Potlucks and Pie

Summer weather has finally arrived in my area, and that means picnics, BBQ’s and potlucks will be the weekend’s activities for the next several weeks! This week, I made a few fabric bowl covers to keep the chip dip and fruit salad covered up while in transit or waiting for guests to arrive. They turned out super cute, so I thought I'd show you what I did!

I gathered up the bowls I typically use for Summer entertaining and narrowed them to three sizes. I measured across the top of one of the large bowls and then added a couple of inches to each side for my cover measurement.

The bowl was about 11” across, so I cut a square of fabric about 15½” x 15½”.

Fold the square in quarters using a napkin fold. Measure from the center point to the middle of the outside flat edge.

I rotated my ruler, little by little, maintaining the same measurement from the center point. I used a Hera marker to score a line as I went.

Once the line was scored on the folded square, I used my rotary cutter to cut along the line making a perfect circle.

Now to add some fun :) I used a medium-sized rick-rack and stitched it down along the front raw edge of the circle. Make sure to turn the starting end up about ¼” and overlap the finishing end to make a clean transition.

Turn the rick-rack under to the back side, leaving just one edge showing on the front side. Topstitch in place to secure the raw edge to the underside.

I used a thin elastic beading cord to gather up the cover. I cut a piece just about the same diameter as the top edge of the bowl, plus a little tail to tie it off. I pulled it snug when I measured it to ensure a good fit.

I scored a new line about 2” from the rick-rack edge on the underside of the cover.

Place the beading cord elastic on the score line and zig-zag stitch over the top. I use the widest zig-zag, so the stitches land on either side of the elastic and not through it. This way, I can adjust my gathers after it is sewn. Pull it kinda tight as you go, so the gathers are mostly in the right place.

Tie the two ends together in a tight square knot and clip the tails off.

And here’s my first one!

The happy little family waiting for the guests to arrive :) …and how about that Lemonade Pie?! You can also easily make this pie, gluten-free or dairy-free, and I’ve included both recipes for you. If you need a quick crowd-pleaser for a summer get-together, this is a must-make pie!

Happy Sunday everyone!


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