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Prairie Point Stocking

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! This week, I made a stocking for my brother. He’s staying with me and working on the construction of my new workshop (pics of that coming soon!). Anyway, I couldn’t make his stocking frilly at all :) so I used a nice piece of vintage wool and some woven gray to add a prairie point detail to the top edge. It turned out really cute, so I thought I would share how I did it!

I cut a front and back from the wool and added the toe and heel piece from the same gray woven (click here for free PDF of stocking pattern). I fused those pieces onto the wool, then stitched “plaid” lines through the layers to secure them well. I also added a batting layer to the back of the wool and stitched more plaid lines to give it the quilted look.

Next, I cut six 5 ½” squares from the gray woven to make into prairie points.

Have you ever made prairie points? It’s not hard, just take your squares of fabric and fold them in half corner to corner, press the fold into a crease, then fold them once more from point to point creating a smaller triangle.

I cut the lining for the stocking using the same template, but I cut the lining ½” longer than the stocking at the top edge. I sewed down the sides and around the bottom leaving an opening of about 4” down the side (you will also leave the top open).

I sewed the front and back of the stocking together leaving the top edge open.

Now, it’s time for the prairie points. You will lay out the prairie points by opening the fold just enough to slide the next prairie point in between the layers. Keep opening and layering all the way around. You can space them out or squish them together to keep the points even with each other.

Once the points are all the way around and pinned in place, you can sew them down with a ¼” seam allowance.

This is the time to add a hanging cord right where the back seam comes up to the top edge.

Now, stuff the whole outer stocking into the stocking lining with right sides together. Pin the top edges together, and sew ⅜” from the top edge.

Turn the stocking right side out through the hole in the lining, stitch the hole closed, and tuck the lining down into the stocking.

Pull the lining snug down around the top edge so it wraps the seam like a binding. Then, stitch in the ditch all the way around to secure it in place.

There it is! A sort of masculine Christmas stocking :) and a fun way to use prairie points!

Happy Sunday everyone,


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