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Panel Quilt Pizzaz!

I just have to share this fun project, because I am really happy with how it turned out! Have you ever done something different with a quilt panel? I admit, I'm not usually drawn to quilt panels of any kind, because I don’t really know what to do with them.

I fell in love with this panel set, and had to figure out a way to use it. I think this was meant to be a set of pillow panels, there were four on the panel, each one the same size as the next just in a different orientation.

I also picked up a yard of each of these two fabrics: the black floral for the border and the stripe for everywhere I could make it work ;) The black floral was a companion print to the panel, and it was 58” wide so that made for less border piecing.

I cut all four panels apart, then cut the black floral bunch panel in half the long way. I had a burst of inspiration how to make this look a little less like a panel.

I started arranging the pieces, but the first couple of layouts didn’t really do anything for me (everything looks better in your head, haha!)

I settled on an asymmetrical layout, cutting one half of the black floral bunch down a bit more. I also split the allover floral panel. It was 18” wide, and I cut it into one 13” wide piece and one 5” wide piece.

I started adding the stripe fabric in, as sashing strips. I cut them all 2” wide so they would be 1½” wide when finished.

Once the vertical sashings were done, I added one horizontal sashing to separate the two “halves”.

So far so good! And not much waste of those beautiful panels, just these little patches left over.

For the inner and outer borders, I added another 2” strip of the striped fabric all the way around, and then cut the largest borders my fabric would allow. They were 7½” when cut, and I plan to scallop them once this is quilted!

Here it is all quilted. I love, love, love the way it came out! I think it is so simple and classy.

I will be scalloping these borders as a demo in the next few days, and then I’ll bind the edges with my striped fabric cut on the bias.

What do you think? Ready to do something funky and different with a regular old quilt panel?!

P.S. I know someone is going to ask, I picked up this quilt panel and fabric at Kiki’s Quilt Shack in Fresno, CA. I’m sure they would be happy to send you the same stuff if you contact them!

Happy Sunday everyone,


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