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I Did the Math for You!

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

I received a terrific request a few weeks ago (thank you, Elizabeth). She asked for a chart showing how to maximize the cuts you could get from strips in different sizes. I agreed this would be a handy thing to have, so here’s what I did!

download triangle chart here

download diamond chart here

Maybe you have scrap strips and are wanting to cut them into useful shapes, or you are trying to calculate the fabric you’ll need for a pattern… this should help. You can download these here, print them out and keep them with your rulers.

I love to make scrap quilts and rarely throw out a usable piece of fabric. I can make one star block with six diamond points and twelve background triangles. If you cut the star points from 2½” strips, you would also cut the background triangles from 2½” strips. By using this chart, you can maximize your stash or leftover bits to make beautiful quilts :)

Happy Sunday everyone!


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