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Elf on a... Cute table Runner that was on a shelf

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

You won’t believe how easy this one is! I made this cute table runner from just one row of my Rock N Roller Coaster pattern. And, of course, striped fabric makes everything more fun!

If you already have the pattern, you’ll enjoy this video tutorial I did showing all the cuts to make the runner!

Okay if you are pinched for time, but want to give handmade gifts this year, I have a solution! 

I’m doing a sample sale/silent auction for a really special charity. I’ve made so many samples that need forever homes (and my closet isn’t it) all the proceeds + my matching contribution are going to support Angel Tree this Christmas! Angel Tree gives gifts to the children of prison inmates to let them know they are not forgotten. These gifts are hand delivered in their parents name with a special note from mom or dad. 

This silent auction is happening over on Facebook now-Wed (Krista Moser, The Quilted Life). You can click on each image and bid on that item. Starting bid for each is $5! That’s right, five dollars! I hope it doesn’t stay there... but every dollar counts and nothing will be turned down! Due to shipping costs, this is available for USA residents only.

Please feel free to share this auction with anyone and everyone! Let’s make it a very Merry Christmas for as many children as possible :)

Happy Sunday Everyone!


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