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Don't gift a quilt without including this!

Updated: Jun 17

Are you gifting a quilt to someone this Christmas? Do you want to make sure they take good care of it and know what to do if/when it gets dirty? I’ve heard some horror stories over the years about sheepish family members hiding a soiled quilt in the closet rather than attending to the problem right away. Most of the time it was because they didn’t know what to do, and the thought of asking the one who made it for them was just too humiliating! So if you’re gifting a quilt, let’s make sure the giftee doesn’t ignore your phone calls or peak through the blinds before opening the door…. At least not for this reason anyway ;) haha!

I put together this little PDF graphic that you can print off and include with the quilt. It’s not overwhelming or too tedious to follow and should make them confident enough to clean the quilt when it needs it! There are of course special situations with vintage quilts or delicate quilts that have embellishments or lace, but this will cover the bases.


It's usually okay to wash me in the home washing machine, though If I'm a very large quilt you may need a commercial size machine. I prefer cold water and a mild detergent (that is free of perfumes, brighteners, and bleach). Run the machine on a short gentle cycle. To keep my colors bright, add half a cup of vinegar to the wash cycle.


Quilts are heavy when wet. Try to support my wet weight so that the threads don't pop (maybe drape me in half over the shower rod). It's okay to partially dry me in the dryer on the low heat tumble setting. My favorite is to lay flat on a rack or bed of towels and then air fluff in the dryer. In the Summer, you could lay me out on the grass to finish drying on a sunny day! I do love the sun, but only in short doses. If I'm on a bed, in full sun, please close the blinds so my fibers don’t discolor. Please don’t iron me! I don’t handle that kind of heat well.

How Often?

Washing me when I’m soiled will extend my life; washing me when I’m clean will shorten my life. Quilts that are used every day normally only need washing once a year. But if you have pets or children, I may need more frequent washing. Airing quilts (on a drying rack outside) between washings is a good idea. I'll never turn down an opportunity to feel the breeze on my fibers!

And one more note, and this will blow you away. I can’t believe what a raging success the silent auction/sample sale was!! Some of you were asking how much we raised for Angel Tree, this year we donated over $5500!! I can hardly wait for next year's auction, and I'm more motivated than ever to finish up these old samples!

Merry Christmas, everyone!


PS: If you still haven't found that perfect gift, we have digital gift cards!

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