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Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Every one of my regular patterns has a companion coloring page! I mentioned this in some of my classes recently, and the students were surprised and pleased to know this. They are free to download and print as many as you want :) Here is a link to them on the tutorials page.

I spent a little time this week coloring three of the patterns with a somewhat patriotic theme. This is Champagne and Pearls, not exactly the traditional red, white, and blue. I’ve been toying with the addition of turquoise with red and blue. I can hardly wait to show you what’s coming with that pallet!

The Hollow star pattern got a little jazzed up with the addition of the gold stars. This is a great pattern for Quilts of Valor. I don’t know if they allow gold, but you could do just about anything, and it’s fun to color!

Here is Double Struck Star recolored to be more patriotic. I think I would possibly doing the gold section in shades of gray would make it more subtle, but this version could be cute for a kids room with primary colors.

People ask me how I design my patterns, and I am definitely old school, preferring to sketch in my notebook with color pencils and rulers rather than working with a computerized design software. These coloring pages are really handy when I’m trying out new color schemes!

Okay, so I have to give you a sneak peak of the fabrics I’ve collected for my next quilt. I can’t show you any of the design just yet, but these fabrics tell a very summer picnic story!

:) Stay tuned! Fun stuff ahead!

Happy Sunday, everyone!


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1 Comment

This is just the best idea ever!! I wish every pattern out there came with one of these. I think your Hollow Star pattern would make a cute baby quilt...will try coloring one to see. LOVE the colors for the new quilt! Can't wait to see it!

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