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Cutting Bias Binding

Broken Star, from many years ago

My first video tutorial is live! I was asked this week to do a video tutorial on how to cut bias binding and since I need more practice at the video thing, I thought it would be an easy way to work in some practice time :)

I did a picture tutorial on this method before, but for the highly visual learner (like me!), video is much more helpful! If you want to refresh with the picture tutorial, you can find that by following this link. BIAS BINDING

And, if you would like the template for cutting those scallops, you can find it here.

And last but not least, if you want some tips on sewing the bias binding onto your quilt, I did a blog a while back on How to Bind Scalloped Edges!

Since I mention it in the video, here is a pic of a straight edge quilt I made. I put bias binding on it so the stripes swirl around the edge.

Sew Kind of Wonderful's Urbanologie

Happy Sunday everyone!


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