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Bias Binding

Most quilts can be finished using 1 yard cut into 2.5" strips to make a bias binding.

Step 1

Open yard of fabric. Press out center crease and fold like a napkin bringing one corner to  the opposite corner. There will be residual material unless you are using a perfect square.

Step 2

Take the other corner and fold down to the opposite corner to complete the napkin. A finger is placed between the edges of the double fold. 

Step 3

Using a ruler, trim off the double layer open fold as seen in the previous picture with my finger between the folds, which will result in a layer of four pieces of fabric.

Step 4

Rotate fabric 180 degrees. Cut strips from left to right in 2.5" strips.

Step 5

Sew the 45 degree edge of strips together, using dog ears as a guide, into one long snake. Press seams open.

Step 6 

Fold in half lengthwise and press. 

Step 7

The strip is easily manipulated into a gentle curve due to the bias cut. 

Step 8

Roll it up and you'll be ready to bias bind your next quilt.

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