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Class in Session!

It has been quite a month! I have been traveling and teaching almost all month, and now that I'm back home, I can share all the class photos! This blog might be like drinking from a firehose of creativity. All the different color combinations and even different block arrangements were just so inspiring to see come together.

First, I went to Nebraska where I did a trunk show presentation in the most amazing 1937 theater. This theater was recently reopened after a total restoration. And, it was just stunning!

The City Girl Chevron class was first. I can't wait to see these quilts finished! I made them promise to send pictures :)

The Vintage Windmill class was the next day and I forgot to take more pics, but I think these are a taste of how cute they all were!

Next, I flew to Montana and we did Summer Succulents as our first class there.

I love how different all these color combinations are.

The second class we did was Summer Swag.They were just eye-popping! Like, oh my gosh, so cool!

I flew home last weekend and then drove over the mountains to teach again :)

We did City Girl Chevron for day one and Champagne and Pearls for day two. I wish I’d taken more photos, but my phone was smoking by this point! Haha!

I don’t know about you, but I'm ready to sew after watching everyone else create such incredible things. I came home inspired and a little bit tired too ;)

Happy Sunday everyone,


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