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My How Time Flies!

It’s been two years since all this started! The blog, the patterns, the ruler, the traveling… WOW! I know there are quite a few new people who maybe don’t know how all this began.

Let me introduce myself, again :) and give you my thirty thousand foot view of the last couple of years (and maybe a little of the lead up). The funny thing is, I’ve always had a phobia of writing or doing anything like a blog! Hahaha! But, I love to teach classes, and I have been doing that for more than twenty years (I started at five ;). I was always getting asked about different quilting tips, tricks, and techniques. I thought this would be good way to provide teaching tutorials, with photos, that I could refer people to when they asked.

Some of the blog posts are infographics you can print out and refer to later. It’s nice to have something you can print and hang up at home in your sewing room. What better way than a blog to provide the information.

Then came the patterns… This was another thing I kept putting off! I've always designed my own quilts and even taught other people how to make them, but always with the understanding they’d better take good notes and pics in class because I had nothing to give them in the form of a pattern! Obviously the creative side of my brain is running on full tilt all the time and the academic side is panting to keep up. All that changed a couple years ago, and now I have a great team that does the stuff I’m not good at (like grammar, haha!). I have so many pattern ideas queued up in my brain, just wait, there is some REALLY cute stuff coming before Spring!

This has made for some pretty terrific opportunities to take fun, quilt photo-shooting trips. You need great locations with cool backdrops for all those quilt photos! We live in Western, WA where there are boundless locations for photography: bridges, beaches, mountains, fields of flowers, fence lines… you get the idea. Just imagine lurching to a stop every few miles when another “perfect shot” is in view.

Creative Grids approached me last year to see about developing a ruler with them that would be versatile enough to make all my designs. So, of course, my answer was an enthusiastic, yes!

And that led to going to Quilt Market, meeting the best people in the industry, lecturing, and then more pattern writing and more picture taking…

I started teaching locally, very full, very hands-on classes, where a pattern wasn’t guaranteed :-), but now I've come full circle. I’m still teaching, but now there’s a pattern available. I’m traveling to teach so much, I might be coming to a shop or guild close to you! I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love sharing this stuff, and I’m thrilled to have met so many amazing ,enthusiastic people. Thank you for giving me the best job ever! Here’s to all that is to come, and If I haven’t met you yet, I hope our paths cross soon.

Happy Sunday, Everyone!


Follow all my quilty adventures on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Visit my website for free tutorials and tips. If you like my patterns, you can buy them on Etsy, and here on the website.


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