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Aren't These Amazing?

You guys clearly loved the new Semaphore Stripes pattern! So many people purchased it this week, the postman is burning a path to the door for order pickups! Hahaha! I thought I would show you what you got yourself into :)

I was back in Montana, last weekend, teaching this quilt and boy oh boy was it a delight! I have been teaching for more than twenty years, and I have never been so wildly impressed with EVERY quilt in the room!

The girls started on their strip sets, and you can see how cool some of these looked as they came together. I mean seriously, you could combine just about any stripe with a semi-complementary fun fabric and the outcome will be a show stopper!

Once we cut out some blocks, the students really saw things come together and that was really fun. The aha moments are my favorite :)

This little vintage machine was so cute surrounded by all those crazy stripe strip sets. The room was buzzing from start to finish. I was doing as much pressing as I could to keep things moving, and the girls were pumping out the strip sets in record time.

Once we started getting blocks up on the design walls, things really got exciting! Just look how amazing these things are…..

And that Dr. Suess version is absolutely my favorite! Why didn’t I think of that combo?!

Here is Lesley with her Confetti Ombre and stripe combo. I just loved it! I may have to make a version like this myself… I think Ombre fabric is the most dynamic fabric on the market right now.

And here we are at the end of the day, a bunch of happy campers :) Seriously, I love to teach, and what a heartwarming group of gals! I’ll be back anytime you want!

If you are local and looking for this class, I have good news! I will be teaching it at Quilting Mayhem on March 2nd, 2019 (it’ll be here before we know it).

Just a reminder. Today is the last day to use the promo code Semaphore Sale and get 25% off on your purchase of anything in the store!

Happy Sunday, everyone!


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