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Isn't She Cute?!

This is a real treat for me! I want to introduce you to a new friend of mine :) This is Teresa, she is a quilter in Columbia, Missouri and she has made nearly all of my patterns. She’s even sent me pictures of each one as she has finished them, and it has been so cool to have a birds-eye view of her process. Since she was so generous early on, I thought I would bombard her with tons of nosey questions and see what life is like as a quilter in Missouri! Here is what she said; I think you will like her as much as I do!

P.S. If you send me pictures of your finished quilts, I may just feature you in a future blog!.... That might sound like a threat to some! Haha! Please send me photos anyway, I would love to see them!

Tell me a little about yourself, how long have you been quilting, what got you started? Was it love at first stitch or did you wonder what you had gotten yourself into? :)

My grandmother used to quilt, and she made all of her granddaughters a Sunbonnet Sue quilt. Mine is 50 years old now, and I have passed it down five generations to my first granddaughter. My mother used to sew our dance outfits, as well, when I was young. I took Home Economics in high school and learned to sew there. For my high school graduation, I got a Singer sewing machine which I still used until about 5 years ago. I used to sew a little bit of clothing but really just got into quilting in 2001. I have two older sisters who quilt, and we like to share our patterns and pictures of what we are making.

(Side note from Krista, the first quilt I had was also a Sunbonnet Sue!)

What was the first quilt pattern you tried? And, do you still have that quilt or was it a gift? (I'd love to see a pic)

I first got into quilting when my son was graduating from high school. I wanted to give him a unique gift, and my sister helped me make a log cabin quilt for him. From there I was hooked, I had finally found my artistic side. Not so sure looking back at this quilt that it was artistic (notice the deer head and butts cut at random places) but the pattern itself was. Regardless, I quilt every day before and after work. I am obsessed with obtaining new patterns, and I’m not scared to try anything.

Take me to your neighborhood! ...Do you have any cute quilt shops locally? Is there a quilt guild that you belong to? How about the quilters in your area? Are they mostly contemporary modern quilters or more traditional, or a mix of both?

There are three quilt shops in the town I live in, and I frequent them often. Earlier this year our local library had a quilt exhibit, and I entered one of my quilts there. That put me in touch with some other local quilters.

City Girl Chevron - I love the scalloped look on the top and bottom.

Do you have a favorite technique or way to share your quilts? Please share!

I have made many quilts for my children, grandchildren, and myself. With my accumulation, I now have a Facebook page “Terri’s Sew Obsessed” where I have posted pictures of quilts I have made and am willing to sell. I also have quilts on Etsy that are for sale. My Etsy page is “Sew Obsessed Quilts 4 U”.

Champagne and Pearls - I made a baby blanket with leftover fabric from the Aztec Diamond quilt and incorporated some fleece into my pattern.

So you have made four out of six of my patterns and are ready to start number five! Please tell me a little about each one, who was it for? What was your color inspiration? You know, all that stuff we quilters talk about all the time.... Tell me the story! :)

I found your website, and I just love trying new patterns/techniques. These quilts weren't necessarily made for anyone in particular so it is yet to be determined who might receive one…

Hollow Star - I like the look of the black background. Really made the bright colors pop.

Thank you Teresa for sharing all your quilts with us! To everyone else I hope you all enjoyed that :)

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