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What I Saw at Quilt Market

As promised! I told you all last week I would share my quilt market adventure with you this week :) This is what I saw, and let me tell you this is only a small sample. I noticed some trends at this market that I hadn’t seen before (or in awhile). It’s fun to see what’s coming!

I saw a lot of bags and accessories made up out of cute quilting cotton and canvas with very flashy and fun zippers. And several things like lunch bags, rain coats and umbrellas that were layered with clear vinyl. That’s a clever way to use the fabric you like while still being water resistant.

Here are a few other cute ideas geared for kids. Mermaid tails, wouldn’t that be a fun sleeping bag if it were bigger?! Or this frog and fish quilt, those were printed on a panel then cut out and appliqued onto the blue background with a chenille edge… what a great way to make a panel unique! And last but not least, this Bob Ross quilt just made me laugh!

Some of my favorite booth displays. People have to be super creative to come up with some of these ideas and their hard work shows. I found it very inspiring to see what and how they pulled these off.

Aren’t these quilts so cheerful?! I loved the use of bold color and out of the box thinking. Everything from hand pieced hexagons to raw edge applique… a feast for the eyes.

Okay, so I’m saving the best for last… these quilts were on display in a little section of the market. The detail in each of these made my mouth hang open. I got one pic of the whole quilt and then a second of the detail I thought you’d want to see…

…they don’t do it justice, but you can imagine how cool these were!

Happy Sunday, everyone, I hope you enjoyed the tour.


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Thanks for sharing the highlights! So much eye candy. Love that Stella Sewing machine!!


You shared great pictures --- I felt like I was there. I feel rejuvenated and ready to jump into new adventures with quilting. Thank you!


Those quilts at the bottom of your post are absolutely unbelievable!! So much work and beautiful!!! I like the sewing machine one at the top although it also looks complicated. Such talented people!!

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