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Class Time!

I spent a few days in Chicago, this week, teaching a couple of my favorite patterns. I almost never remember to take class progress photos, but I actually took some good ones and I thought it would be fun to share!

On day one, we did Double Struck Star. The big takeaway concept is color value and fabric placement. This class is an out-of the-box experience. Everyone was so pleased with their results! Just look at these beauties

On day two, we did Semaphore Stripes. The class is a skill builder experience, it’s all about technique and upping your piecing game. I wish I’d taken more pics in this class, because all the quilts were absolutely stunning!

It’s pretty amazing to see each person's interpretation of the same pattern. The difference fabric and color choice makes is always inspiring.

Did you know I have several pre-recorded online classes now? I just started filming these and I plan to do more! These are complete classes where I walk you through the entire pattern, packing in all the little tips I would present in an in-person class, but you can watch these from the comfort of your own home, pausing as many times as you like!

So far, we’ve uploaded Summer Swag, Ombre Blossoms, Entangled Sky, Semaphore Stripes, and City Girl Chevron. If you’ve been wanting to take a class, but there isn’t one close by, this might be a great option! I’d love to have you in class ;)

Happy Sunday everyone,


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