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Taking A Virtual Class?

Have you thought about taking a virtual class, but hesitated because you didn’t know what to expect? I teach a lot of virtual classes these days, and I thought I would share my setup and tips for how to get the most out of your class and maybe take away some of the uncertainty too!

Virtual classes have some major advantages that may surprise you. I have first-time class participants all the time, and they often say the same things towards the end of class. "They loved it!" They had a front-row seat to the teacher, and they could just pop in and say “hey Krista” and I’m right there to answer their question or give very personal attention to what they are doing. They didn’t have to pack up, when it was all over, go home, losing their place in the project and forgetting what to do once they started again. And of course, they didn’t forget anything important at home, because, well, they are home and in their own sewing space that is all set up with everything they need :)

Here are some things I do to prepare for a virtual class. If you are thinking you want to give it a try, you may find some of these things helpful!

I always wind a couple of extra bobbins of whatever thread I will be using. These classes are not so fast paced that you wouldn’t be able to stop in the middle and wind a bobbin, but it’s just nice not to have to.

Look over the pattern and make sure you have all the right tools you will need, including putting a new blade in your rotary cutter if need be. If the pattern calls for a special ruler, you will want to have that on hand.

Of course, you will want to have the basic tools close by: straight pins, small thread clipping scissors, seam ripper...

Many classes have prep work ahead of time, and this information will often be included in the supply list. Look for pre-cutting instructions and any other notes that will help you save time in class. You will also want to have your pieces or strips pressed out flat and ready to work with. If you are doing all the cutting in class, you will want to have your yardage pressed and ready to cut.

Have a snack close by and something to drink too! You might get the munchies and don’t want to step away. This has come in handy many times, while teaching, and works great to get me by before an official lunch break.

Have a design wall close by or set up a temporary one. This is great for your layouts as you work, but it’s even better when the students are further along. We can all start sharing our work and show how we are coming along. Having everything on a design wall is a great way to display it to the other students!

Okay last but not least, don’t forget your device's power cord. I teach from two devices, one face down at my demo mat, and the other (my iPad) I use to see my students. I keep them both plugged into an extension cord, pretty much the whole class, so I’m not surprised by a dead battery. You’ll also want to have your device (phone, iPad, laptop) in a place you can see it while you sew. There are several great stands out there that fit different devices, which will allow you to raise or prop them up making it easier to see.

I hope you found something helpful here.

Happy Sunday everyone!


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