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Summer is Coming!

And that means ice cream cones :) 

I finally get to show you my latest pattern! This is Two Scoops, my third and final pattern release for spring. This pattern has instructions for both lap and baby-sized quilts, and is very cheerful and fun to make! It’s illustrated using the Creative Grids 60-degree diamond mini ruler, but it can be made using the original 60-degree diamond ruler if that is what you have.

I did a new video to show some of the cutting and assembly process. I even included a pressing demo on how I press my seams open quickly to get the best flat piecing results. I also talked about the importance of an accurate ¼” seam.

Here is the downloadable PDF I talk about in the video showing how to get that perfect ¼” seam.

It has been pretty rainy here in the Seattle area, but Summer days are coming :)

Happy Sunday everyone,


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