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Strips n' Stripes

Updated: Jun 17

Just in time for summer! Need a quick quilt that can be done in a weekend (easily)?! Strips n’ Stripes is my newest Free PDF downloadable pattern.

I can’t stop making these quilts, I've already made three and I have two more waiting in the wings as soon as the rest of the fabric arrives!

I made a new YouTube tutorial to show how simple this is to make. When I say you can have it done in a weekend, I'm serious! Some will have it done in a day :) It uses 2 ½” strips (perfect for jelly rolls) and of course, striped fabric. 

This pattern has three different size layouts, baby size, lap size, and twin size. Here is a baby size I threw together in a few hours from scraps! The recipient loved it so much. I wish I'd remembered to take a pic of it after quilting.

For my summer lap version, we made kits with the exact fabrics I used. Two of these kits would be enough to make the twin size. The pattern is Free for everyone, and you can use whatever fabric you have! But if you like what I used, we’ve got you covered!

Happy Sunday everyone!


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I love this! I have yardage of two large stripes, blue and white and purple and white. Perfect project for those fabrics.

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I would love to see a pic of what you do Dawn!

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