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Show and Tell

You guys are in for a treat this week! We just wrapped up the final week of the six week Snowflake Lane Quilt-a-long, and it's been so much fun! Now, it’s show and tell time :)

I asked those who'd finished their quilt tops to share pics and say a little something about their quilts… we had quite a few finishers, so please enjoy the feast of beautiful Snowflake Lane quilts you are about to see!

Sharon Shergold

Done and dusted!! I have so enjoyed the whole process. Not to mention everything I have learned, the trimming off the ends of the triangles and diamonds made it so easy to piece. Thank you Krista for your videos, you made each step easier to understand. I don’t think I could have accomplished this with just the pattern as I am definitely not an intermediate quilter… Now to get the quilting done and binding.

Sonita Carlson

Now that it’s been presented I can share. Binding goes on this weekend. Shannon Cuddle on the back. I was afraid of diamonds before this SAL. When I saw Krista’s pattern for Snowflake Lane AND that she was going to walk us through it, I ordered her Creative Grids ruler and signed up. It’s been so much fun to learn about fabric bias and notching corners for better alignment, and more. I especially appreciated Krista’s attention in the Facebook group—she answered questions, cheered us on, and really made herself available to the group beyond the weekly videos. This SAL was well done! Thank you for sharing your talents and expertise, Krista Moser!

Lynn and Erica Bohnet

Finished queen sized ( 85.75” x 90.75”) Snowflake Lane Quilt. It was a fun challenge making this quilt bigger. My daughter is sew excited to have it finished and on her bed.

Pat Batulis

Loved making this quilt. I quilted it on my domestic machine. Thanks Krista for this great pattern and tips. I already purchased fabric to make one for myself…

Donna Rubio Conrad

I spent a lot of time over the past year learning about quilting, reading different websites, books, and watching video tutorials. I came across Krista’s ‘Swirling Star’ table runner which sparked my interest further. This QAL is my first and first quilt actually (wall/lap size). I selected black, sparkling white, and a b/w striped fabric to empathize the buffalo check. Backing black with snowflakes. I’m a bit anxious about quilting it. All part of the learning process. Next Krista’s Peppermint Pinwheel table runner.

Sherry Cowley

What a fun six weeks this journey turned out to be. So much inspiration from Krista and other like-minded creatives. I learned more about bias edges than I’d forgotten. Krista’s rulers are so easy to use. Her instructions for this pattern are very easy to follow. The accompanying videos were just “icing on the cake” and even more helpful. All in all, a fun way to make a quilt, from beginning to end, without any pressure. It was a really fun project to enjoy with sweet, kind, and encouraging new quilting friends. Can’t wait for the next one. Thank you Krista for an exceptional experience! Mine is on the longarm. Debuting thread and backing. (These colors don’t photograph true.)

Susan Reno Karr

I didn’t get my quilt quilted. I picked a flannel plaid backing

Sally V. Anderson

Thank you Krista! Another great pattern and a very fun Quilt Along. (This is my third ‘Krista Moser pattern’.) My top is done and I’m auditioning the back, likely the poinsettia. Each of the fabrics have a silvery touch, as if from a heavy frost. The minute I heard about this pattern, I knew exactly which fabric I was using as I’ve been saving it for a while now for the perfect pattern. Snowflake Lane was perfect! I learned so much from your handy tips Krista! I love the results!!! Thank you!!!

Candace L Miller

Finished the top tonight! Yay! A Scottie dog Christmas at my house! Backing is the Scottie print, plan to flange black binding with red. Thanks, Krista Moser, for the great Facebook group classes. 4 of us enjoyed one evening per week sewing together.

Patty Hall

I still need to sew my rows together. It is all sewn as sections I planned on having it sewn but my time has been interrupted with a very close friend passing on Sat. Then my booster on Tuesday Wednesday was lucy’’small family gathering I thought my daughter would want this one she loves pink and moose Krista it was fun and your tips are always good I am taking a bit of a break going to be baking cookies next week and etc. have a very Merry Christmas and new year too. I am looking forward to 2022 to be a great year thanks again lady. Patty

Jodi Wittrock

I stuck with the grey white and black because I had it in my stash and I love it. I also am inspired seeing the other colored fabrics. This will be a repeat pattern. I paid attention to the bias straight of grain more. It makes a difference!

Cindy Moores

My snowflake quilt top is ready to be quilted! I love it! Thank you SO much Krista for the videos, esp the starching of the fabrics and the hints about the straight vs. the bias edges and their placement!!!! All my seams aligned up perfectly-and pinning each & every seam really helped!!

Gayle Acidera

I finished my twin size quilt. I only had one seam that caused me any issues, but I used steam and spray starch to get the fullness out. I found a great flannel for the backing in my stache. Thanks Krista for another great pattern.

Paulene West

Sewed rows together today next up trimming the sides although I like the diamond edge. Used grunge as two reds putting a snowflake fabric on the back. It was a challenge but at last got it on the last row! To the long arm quilter after the holidays. Lovely seeing everyone’s color choices.

Trish Grube

Just finished! This went together so nicely. My background diamonds are actually green, they look darker in the photo. Thanks Krista for another great pattern. Now off to finish up a Buffalo Lodge tree skirt....because a girl can never have enough diamonds!!

Wilma Eichler

Done. Hanging sleeve and label needs sewn on. What a fun quilt! Thanks Krista.

Joelle Lambert

Best I could do without a 7 foot tall quilt holder. Will be gifted to my older daughter.

Barbara JB

Hi all Here is my Snowflake Lane #snowflakelanesal wall size (cot quilt) for an ‘almost here baby. A previous post shows the pieced top - attached are pictures of the finished quilt. The panto was chosen to support a quilt that will be washed often; and I made a wee pillowcase to match. I love how it all turned out. Wonderful SAL Krista Moser thank you. I learned so much from you and was inspired by all. See you in the next SAL. Happy holidays to everyone

Kathi Hansell Hendrix

I listened to Krista present at the Yakima Valley Quilt Guild and knew I wanted to make one of her quilts. When she showed this one I was sold. I made it for my son who has one of my quilts hanging in his office. The backing is Winter Forest by Susan Winget and Wilmington Prints. Quilting by the amazing Carol Kochis.

Diana Minor

Got the wall hanging top done. Now to finish the twin sized one.

Linda McKee Kau

I just *might* have gotten a bit carried away with Snowflakes. I now have 3 items covered with snowflakes. My husband asked why I was making snowflakes for inside when the ground is covered in snow. The wallhanging is quilted and I can see from the pictures I should have used white batting! Oops.

Eileen White

I love the way this turned out -- no time for detailed longarm work but it looks good with an all-over snow swirl.

Carol Roberts

Krista, thanks for the quilt along! Wall hanging done. I attended your program at Mid-Valley Quilt Guild, took your Double Struck Star and went on to the Snowflake Lane quilt along. Love the way the snowflakes come together.

Tracy Strauch

Thank you Krista Moser for a wonderful pattern, and a fun sew along. I see more triangles and diamonds in my future. I probably won’t get to the quilting until after Christmas.

Jeri LeGate Davis

Snowflake Lane top complete. I started four weeks late (because I had to finish my City Girl Chevron first- another great KM pattern using the 60° ruler). This was such a fun pattern! The ruler isn’t complicated and it’s marked super well, so I never felt out of my depth. Krista, your whimsical flannel backing inspired me, so Snowflakes and Yeti it is!

Thank you for the sew-along

Peg Devolt

Here is my snowflake lane quilt top and the backing I’m going to use. Thank you for the quilt along I have done several of your patterns and really like the technique I just used on another quilt I did it works soooo well. Thanks

Eileen Ryan

After making 2 of row B, and then having to take it apart, I was on a roll…..until I laid the finished quilt top on the floor to take a picture, and found a diamond on the edge sewn at the wrong angle. At least it was on the edge. After correcting that mistake and repairing it, the top is done. I will probably keep it for myself. Will trim the edges and get to work on quilting it on my domestic machine. Thanks, Krista, this was fun and I am pleased with the colors I chose. Backing in photo, boring compared to the quilt top.

Cindy Unruh

Here’s my Frozen Wonderland Quilt. She’s not quilted yet. (She’s now a Lady In Waiting - as in waiting to become a quilt) I thought I’d use my assorted blues, and turquoise fabrics I had to create this. Many have metallic touches for a shimmer. I also found a white shimmer for the snowflakes. Of course couldn’t resist the penguins for her backing! This quilt was so fun and excited how easy matching the points were. I know this won’t be my last snowflake quilt. Thank you Krista!

Julie Adams Belcher

Newbie here. I got all the sections sewn together last night, but the diamonds from one section to the next section do not all match up. I’m not sure if it’s because of the snowflakes or because my diamonds are off. At the seam line of the adjoining sections some of the diamonds are off by as much as 1/2 inch. I’m thinking it has to be because of my snowflakes.

For the most part, my diamonds line up within each section, but the sections don’t line up with each other. I decided to line up the snowflakes and let the diamonds fall where they would. I figured it’s best to have the snowflake focal points aligned and that the Buffalo plaid would be busy enough to distract from the “out of alignment”. I didn’t know what else to do.

I’m open to suggestions, thoughts, or ideas. This is my first time piecing a quilt top.

What should the large and small snowflakes measure after they are in the quilt top?

Cari Apostol

You all know what the quilt looks like but I just LOVE what my long arm Artist choose for the quilting.

Susan Schaff

These are two of the three Snowflakes Lane quilts that I am doing this year! Thank you, Krista Moser. I have learned a lot!

Stacy Murray

Finished! It is now a shop sample, so it won't hang at home until maybe next year. Loved putting this together! Next up is the wreath sampler!

Laurie Lilleodden

All done! With all the bias sewing I must say I’m proud of the out come. May not be perfect but that’s okay neither am I lol! Now try quilting myself or off to longarmer?

Amy Osmundson

I had fun with the snowflake quilt a long! Thank you KRISTA MOSER, QUILT ALONG!

Brenda Sleeper

Finally caught up! Didn’t take time to press row seams before the pic as I was too excited to see it come together. The pattern is incredibly well written and easy to follow but the videos were so valuable to absolutely ensure success. I learned so much along the way, found my path for what worked best for me and am so pleased with the top that I just might keep it! I usually give all my quilts to chemo patients. Just a few more steps until it’s complete. Thanks Krista for sharing your creativity and knowledge!!! This has been a blast. Great to see everyone’s pics too. So many beautiful quilts!

Sandra McInturff

It’s a Sunday Krista kinda a day. It cold and I had turn my heat on in central Florida.

Go Bucs.

Melissa Demp

All right it’s busier than I expected, but still kinda cute. Love the pattern. I’ll make it again with plainer fabric.

Carol Sue Kauffman

This morning at 9:30, all I had done was the snowflakes. Needed to cut diamonds and triangles for the background. Just before 6 this evening I had it all put together. I don't have a design wall so as I finished each section I sewed it together. Jack came out to play at times. Looks like I should have used a little lighter red.

Erik Oliver

All done. Great project Krista Moser: The Quilted Life

Maja Olexova

My quilt top and backing are all stitched up and ready for shipping to a local long arm quilter

Glory Torres

All stitched up! Needs a good pressing and trimming, then to decide what to do for the back. I’m in love wit this pattern. Thanks Krista Moser. So what’s next?

Jackie Chapp Carroll

I love this pattern Krista Moser, and totally enjoy your videos. This quilt is complete and boxed up to ship to my son and his family for Christmas. Thank your sharing your talent and skills with us. Edit: Grandkids approved!

Susan Combs Wilson

My husband said this would make a great pattern for the sidewalk - maybe we could see some snow in South Texas. What a fun QA. Krista Moser and Crystal King thank you!!! I am looking forward to the next pattern and QA. Actually, I bought your hexagon pattern yesterday. You are amazing!!! Thank you to everyone for the camaraderie and excitement. You all are a wonderful community!!! Now to head to our sons house to see some real snow. PS - I should have ironed it. Lol

Nancy J. Goff

Top done and pin basted. Ready to be quilted. Thanks for all the great tips Krista, most of the points match, and it lays perfectly flat!

Julie Hoffman

My finished top! This was so much fun!

Helen VanderWerff

This is the pattern without snowflakes. So snow flakless lane. I used 4-1/2 inch strips and it worked up quickly for my grandson who wants a Cougars quilt! Thanks Krista.

Jayne Muncy Hackworth

In chunks but think this is it. Time to sleep on it.

Joey Reyes Owen

Okay, so first of all, Krista, you are a wizard at pattern writing! Second, I didn't mean to rush through the process, but I knew that if I didn't finish this over the weekend, it wouldn't get finished until next year.

Blues are not my "go to" colors, but my husband really thought it needed to be blue and silver. My goal is to quilt it before Thanksgiving so it can be hanging on our office wall all winter long.

Aide Ceron

Really enjoyed putting together this quilt, thank you!

Happy Sunday everyone,


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