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Retreat from it all

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

Retreats are like Disneyland for quilters, right? But, what should you pack to make the most of your retreat?

There are some well done basic lists out there from All People Quilt, A Little Crispy, ShadyWood Quilts, and I’m sure there are others…. (I’ve linked to all of them at the bottom).

Here is a smattering of items you might not think about bringing that could make your retreat even more enjoyable!

• Remove lint from the bobbin case and oil your machine.

• Fill plenty of bobbin, including colored bobbins, for hand work or applique or bring plenty of prewound bobbins if that’s your style.

• Clean your rotary cutter blade.

• Bring an extra blade.

• Extra sewing machine feet.

Flannel for the design wall (the back of a vinyl tablecloth works well). These are great because you can roll your project up to transport it home without messing up your layout. And they're cheap too!

• A work light, like an Ott Light

• Scissors for paper, so you don’t have to use your sewing scissors.

• A mat to set your machine on to keep it from wobbling on plastic retreat tables.

• Thread catcher

• Handwork for when you tire of your sewing if!

Spray bottle for water, spray starch, or Best Press

• Address labels for marking your supplies

• Notebook, pencil, and colored pencils because your creativity will be sky high!

• Extra projects, because you’re so organized you’ll get everything done early and need something to work on.

• Electronics: Cell Phone, camera, power strip, extension cord and chargers 

• Pain relief like Advil or Tylenol: sewing can be back breaking.

• And if you’re me, Junior Mints or Reeses Pieces :-)

• A water bottle with straw, so you don’t get dehydrated! Seriously, I carry mine everywhere!

How do you prepare for your quilting retreat?

Thank you for the blog idea, Benita! I love and welcome any and all suggestions… it helps me know what you guys would like to see :)

Happy Sunday everyone!


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