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No Pins, No Problem!

How about a fun scrap friendly project that takes almost no time to stitch up?! I made this bench pillow out of bits and pieces I had leftover from another project. It took me only 15 minutes to sew everything together, and I thought I’d show you how I did that.

Have you seen the fusible interfacing that has grid lines marked on it? I have it in several sizes of grids, and depending on what size scraps you have, I think you can get grids marked as small as 1”! For this project, I chose the 2½” grid lines so my pieces finished out at 2” after all the seams were sewn. 

I cut all my scraps into 2½” squares (actually I cut them just shy of 2½”, more on that in a minute). I decided on a finished size of 14” x 26”, so I cut my grid panel seven rows wide by thirteen rows long knowing that each row finishes at 2” once sewn.

Here you see a close up of how I lined up the blocks-notice the little gap between blocks. By cutting my blocks shy of 2½” this allows for the grid to be folded easily as it’s sewn without getting oversized fabric wadding up in the seams.

Lay the fusible grid rough side up (or fusible side up), and lay out all your scraps pretty side up in a color arrangement you like. 

I don’t have a big ironing surface, so I just slid the whole thing onto a piece of cardboard and took it to the ironing board. Press each section gently, without moving the iron from side to side. I also like to do a quick press from the back once the front is tacked down nicely.

Now, for the fast and fun part :) Fold along the first grid line and sew with a ¼” seam allowance. Repeat this process... zip, zip, zip, with each grid line top to bottom.

I like to snip right up to the stitch line at each intersection, before stitching all the grid lines going the other way. This allows each seam to flip flop dispersing the bulk of the seams.

And here it is 15 minutes later! Not kidding :)

Give it a really good press, making sure all the rows and seams lay flat. I trimmed off the extra fusible at the edge and added a backing for my bench pillow. 

This would make a super-fast table runner too! Or a set of placemats… I even saw someone used this method to make intricate border sections

Here is the fusible I used, you can see there are several different patterns and ideas for different ways to use it and if you go to their website, you’ll get loads of inspiration (especially check out the gallery page to see what others have done).

Happy Sunday everyone :) Krista

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