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Ladybug Bloom!

Okay you guys, this little ladybug block took on a life of its own! I was going to show you all this little pillow for last week’s blog, and then I saw the block mocked up with just white flowers around it and I had to make the quilt! So, I dropped everything to make a new quilt this week :)

I designed this ladybug block to be used in place of the bumblebee blocks in the Bumblebee Blossoms pattern… but then, I got to thinking how those flower blocks could be simplified if you wanted the petals to be just one color instead of shaded light to dark. I’ve got to say, these flowers are so cheerful and much faster to do. So, here is a YouTube video I did showing you the cutting and layout for both the ladybug block and the new way to make the flowers, as well as Final Assembly instructions!

I hope you were inspired by my brainstorming adventure this week! If you’d like the Ladybug *block only* PDF, or the full Ladybug Bloom quilt pattern PDF, you can find those here.

Happy Sunday everyone,


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