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Just In Time…

For Memorial Day :)

Here is a cute little runner I did with some extra 2½” strips I had laying around. And, this jumbo ric rack made the perfect border... Wait till you see how easy this is!

This is an 18 degree Dresden ruler, it makes Dresden blocks with 20 blades.

I cross-cut about (10) 2½” strips into 5” chunks, and then used the ruler to cut them into wedges.

Lay out twenty blades in a circle and sew them together two at a time.

Press the seams between each piece open, then sew the pairs of two into sets of four and so on until all twenty blades are sewn together. Give it a good press, and maybe a spray of starch as well.

Now for the ric rack. You will need about 40” of jumbo ric rack to go all the way around one circle. Ric rack is woven on the bias so it will bend as you manipulate it around the edge and pin it in place.

When you get to the end, fold one end of the ric rack back and overlap the tail on top of it to conceal the raw edge.

Stitch the ric rack in place keeping your seam about ¼” from the edge of the Dresden blades.

With your fingers, roll the ric rack around the edge forcing the raw edges under. Finger press this in place, then give it a quick press with the iron.

The base of the table runner is a 15” x 44” strip of white muslin. Center the Dresden circle right in the middle. Pin in place.

Stitch around the outside edge, right in the ditch created by the ric rack that is folded under. If you use matching thread, this will barely show.

Cut a circle big enough to cover the center hole ,and press the edges under. Then, stitch it in place very close to the edge. I think a yo-yo would be a super cute idea for the center as well!

I repeated this whole process two more times, only with ten blades each time to make half circles. I mounted them on opposite sides at each end of the runner.

I quilted the background down with straight lines, the Dresden blocks got simple quilting in each blade.

Wouldn’t this be cute as a single circle on a throw pillow or something?! Done in an afternoon and super festive :)

I hope you found something helpful or inspiring here!

Happy Sunday, Everyone!


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12 de mai. de 2019

Thank you Krista! Adorable with patriotic fabric, or any seasonal fabric. This would also be cute as placemates. Also with a fussy cut center, ie star print for a patriotic piece. So, now to get another ruler to try this!

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