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Let's do the Twist!

What can you do with a jelly roll and a little bit of time? I had most of a jelly roll and not much time :), but it still worked out! 

This week, I decided to sew a bunch of strip sets together from a 4th of July jelly roll I had. My FREE Ribbon Twist pattern is perfect for using up this type of leftover fabric. I had more red than blue, so I had to be creative with my layout. But, I’ll back it and bind it in blue, so I think it’ll look nice.

You can watch the whole process in this YouTube video we filmed the last time I made this quilt. It's super simple, a little mindless (sometimes that's very refreshing), and quick to workup. I made this patriotic version a little bigger than the pattern. I used six blue strip sets and fourteen red strip sets. This made a lap quilt that finished at 44” x 52”.

I used the Creative Grids Mini Ruler because all the cuts are 4½” diamonds and triangles. You could also use the large ruler if that’s what you have!

And here it is! Now to get this cutie quilted up in time for fireworks on the lawn!

Happy Sunday everyone, and Happy Independence Day too!


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