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Here's a Sweet Treat!

Have you seen my Buffalo Lodge pattern? Well, I designed an additional block that can be used in place of the cute little tree blocks… and it’s a sweet treat too, the peppermint pinwheel!

This block is a free downloadable PDF so if you already have the Buffalo Lodge pattern, you’ll be ready to get your festive table set with this alternative block…. It’s like a choose your own adventure story :)

I even did a YouTube tutorial video on the cuts this block uses so you can see exactly how I did it.

And if you’d like to see a tutorial on the original Buffalo Lodge, you can see this one I filmed with Fat Quarter Shop (they just posted it a couple days ago!).

The Peppermint Pinwheel block PDF can be downloaded here. It shows all the cuts and step-by-step assembly instructions (but watch the YouTube video too, because those are so much better for visual learners and I spent a lot of time on it ;) haha!.

And if you’d like to get your hands on the Buffalo Lodge pattern, you can find that here:

I hope you found something inspiring here!

Happy Sunday everyone!


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