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Have You Sewn On Cork Fabric?

It was time for a new iPad cover! I thought I would work in a little cork fabric to spice things up!

I have quite a collection of different cork fabrics, some have metallic elements and some are just basic cork. I have used these for all kinds of projects, mostly as embellishments. I thought I would share what I did this time.

The base of my iPad cover is 3 mm wool felt. I cut two pieces ½” larger than the iPad, and cut a little V clip centered on the top edge of the front panel.

I cut a 1” wide strip of the cork fabric and placed it on the front panel 2” below the top edge.

Stitch that in place close to the edge. Cork fabric does not fray so you don’t have to worry about it being a raw edge.

I cut a wool felt rectangle that was 2” x 8”. I cut two of these bowtie shapes (PDF download here) and stitched them to the wool felt, leaving about a ½” gap between them in the center.

Use large scissors to cut around the cork leaving ⅛” of the felt along the outside edge.

Fold the two sides towards the middle to create a “bow tie”. I used Wonder Clips to hold the two sides in place before sewing them down. This is very thick with the two layers of wool felt and the cork. Take it easy with your sewing machine, you might use a heavy denim needle.

I placed the bow tie in the center of the cork strip, that had already been stitched to the front panel. It was too thick to stitch it in place, so I had to glue it, but I think using grommets could be a cute look too!

It’s time to add the back to the front. Wonder Clips to the rescue again. Stitch along three sides, ⅛” from the edge, leaving the top edge open and backstitching at the start, and stop.

Ta-Done! Packing my iPad in style these days :)

Happy Sunday everyone,


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