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Filling In Those Gaps

I love an interesting quilt edge, but I know binding inside angles isn’t everyone's cup of tea. I have several patterns that end in these zigzag edges, because, hexagons ya know :) Anyway, I'm asked from time to time if there's a good way to fill in those zigzag edges so you can just bind the quilt off straight.

Well, I’m happy to say I finally put something on paper! Here you can see the most common sizes and the quilts they'll work for.

First, I cut the appropriate size rectangles out of my background fabric, or another fabric, I want to showcase at the edge. You'll need to layer two pieces right side together, so once you make the cut you’ll have two sets of mirror image wedge pieces.

I used the large 60-degree diamond ruler, and aligned the left-dashed vertical center line along the left edge of the rectangle and the 8½” dashed triangle line along the bottom edge. For the 5½” and the 6½” wedges, you’d use those dashed triangle lines along the bottom edge.

This is what they look like as fill-in pieces for the Vintage Windmill quilt. These fill-in wedges are sewn to the ends of each row before the rows are sewn to each other.

This 8½” size wedge fill-in piece will work for the following patterns.

The 6½” size will work for the Champagne and Pearls pattern.

The 5½” size will work for the Honeycomb Hexagon pattern.

I will add more sizes to this collection as I figure them out :)

Happy Sunday everyone,


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