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Crazy for Candy Corn

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Here’s an easy little table runner that’ll be perfect to set the candy bowl on this season ;) Or, just make one block for a table center! I made this one with the Creative Grids 60-Degree Diamond Mini Ruler, but you can make these same cuts with the original large ruler.

You’ll need three strips each of the candy corn colors: white, orange and yellow. The white and yellow strips are cut 1¾” wide and the orange strips are cut 2” wide. Cut the ends off at a 60 degree angle, and be sure to remove those little tips with the flat end (this will help with piecing accuracy later). Arrange the strips in order, staggering the ends to make a 60 degree angle. Sew these together and press the seams open. These strips sets should measure 4 ½” across once sewn.

Using the triangle lines on the ruler, line up the 4½” dashed line with the yellow edge of the strip and the flat tip with the white edge. Cut on both sides of the ruler, and slide the ruler down the strip to make the next cut. (Those opposite cuts with the white at the base and the yellow at the tips are not used. Set those aside).

For the background, you will need four strips 4½” wide. Cut these into (46) 4½” triangles (I ran out of the charcoal gray and had to use solid black for some of these) and (4) 4½” diamonds. To cut the triangles, align the dashed 4½” triangle line along one edge of the strip and the flat tip along the other. Cut on both sides of the ruler, then rotate the ruler 180 degrees to make the next cut. To cut the diamonds, lay the whole ruler on the strip. Cut on both sides of the ruler, and move the ruler down the strip for the next cut.

Arrange all the pieces into two blocks like this. One for each end of the runner.

Notice how I have one candy corn block surrounded by three background diamond blocks. These will make larger triangle units (there are six units like these to make each block).

Arrange the triangle units into sets of three to make what looks like a half hexagon. Do not sew the two halves together just yet. 

For the center block, the arrangement is slightly different. There are two triangle units like before, but the units on either side are pieced with the background diamonds creating a sort of chevron. Sew these units together and then into two halves. 

Arrange all the half blocks into two rows as shown. Sew the rows together with one horizontal seam down the middle to join them. For best results, press the seams open.

I did straight-line quilting to finish it off.  Bind and it’s ready for the candy bowl! 

Sew fun :)

Happy Sunday everyone!


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