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Color My World:)

Do you have trouble picking colors or choosing fabrics? Believe it or not, this is one of my favorite parts of the quilting process, and I thought I would share how I build my color palettes for each quilt.

I almost always start with an inspiration image or idea and then collect several images around that to set the tone. I like to include things that display the colors I’m going for as well as pics that show a bit of the theme. This helps when I go to the fabric store. I can stay on target with my fabric choices and don’t end up talking myself into something that is off base in the end.

I just put this inspiration board together for a future quilt, and I included quite a few fun images that I thought set a playful atmosphere around the colors I was going for. I pulled my color palette from these and narrowed it down, making sure I have a light, medium, and darker shade in each color (that’s one of my favorite tricks).

I’m tinkering with an idea to make a “picnic blanket” quilt with a blue sky and lots of fruit blocks. I am still in the very beginning of the design process for this one, but you can see my little sketches are taking shape.

Here is the inspiration board for a two-color quilt that relies heavily on its strong design because the color palette is so simple. I will be able to show you guys pics of this quilt soon, eek! It is so cute, haha! I just love this soft aqua/turquoise color, and the checked aqua/white adds a touch of whimsy.

If you find it hard to choose fabrics or colors, I hope this gives you some inspiration and helpful hints!

Happy Sunday everyone,


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