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Fabric Flowers

This is less of a quilty post and more of a crafty post :) but with all the cute non-quilty things being made in quit shops these days, I think you’ll find this is a good one to add to your collection!

I made a bouquet of fabric flowers for my sewing room today. Well, it actually started as a project for a friends wedding. I made her garter and veil using pieces of her Mom’s wedding dress. Over the years, I have made items for all three daughters with their Mom’s dress: ring bearer pillows, a hanky and garter set, and now a veil and a garter to match. This time, I dyed the dress fabric to match her wedding colors (a beautiful shade of turquoise) and used it to make fabric flowers. Talk about sentimental! This is the cutest idea ever, I wish I could take credit for it :) but the Mom was the one with all the inspiration.

These flowers were so easy and foolproof! I thought I would share how I did it. They could be used to embellish a clutch or wear as a pin or one of those cute baby headbands… oh the possibilities!

Take the flimsiest polyester lining fabric you can find (it has to be polyester or it won’t melt).

Cut several wonky shaped circles out in different sizes. I cut about 3-4 different circles for each flower, the biggest one being about the size of a 1 cup measuring cup.

Now for the fun :)

Light a candle, and carefully singe the edge all the way around each circle. You won’t have to get the fabric too close to the flame before it starts to melt and curl up.

The circles will shrink a bit once they are curled. Stack them together, smallest to largest, like Russian Nesting dolls.

I then stitched a little X in the middle (I used my sewing machine, but you could do this by hand). You could also stitch little seed beads in to make a decorative center.

I made about ten flowers like this, some small, some large.

I wrapped a length of floral wire around a pencil to make a whimsical stem for each flower. I used hot glue to secure the stems in place.

There, now isn’t that cheerful!!

I hope you found something here that is useful or inspiring :)

Happy Sunday everyone!


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