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Only Good Vibes At My First Quilt Market

Whoa! (the word you use when all others fail)... I just got back from Quilt Market, and I am totally blown away! I felt like my head was on a swivel the whole time, just trying to take it all in.

This was my first time ever at Quilt Market; I went as part of the Creative Grids team after designing their latest ruler :), the 60 Degree diamond. It was like a whirlwind meet-n-greet of the Who’s Who in the quilting industry! Everyone is sooooo incredibly welcoming and excited about what you’re doing, and how they can help, or who they want you to meet! I was floored, and I think there’s even more exciting things to come!

Let me introduce you to Penny and Cam from Creative Grids. These two have been in my corner for the last several months, as we worked out all the details of the new ruler. I owe them both a million hugs for all they’ve done!

I’ll take you on a mini tour so you can see some of my favorite quilts and displays throughout the convention center. It was like drinking from a firehose of creativity… totally amazing!

Look at this quilt at the Aurifil booth, the dimension in all those dots is accomplished with thread! That’s right, thread painting is what makes this quilt look so cool.

We saw quite a few little dolls and other charming childrens’ themed quilts and decor. This Tilda collection was something else, you just wanted to keep looking and looking….

This display was so sweet and simple… if I do my own booth for Fall Market, I think I’d like to do something dimensional like this.

Look at this oh so soft Christmas collection by Planted Seed Designs, just lovely.

Some of my favorite quilts hanging around in different booths...I think I am drawn to color or something :)

Jen Kingwell in her very cheerful booth of amazing quilts. Her quilts make you want to curl up, on a porch swing, with one immediately.

Tara Curtis and her fabric weaving genius, the Wefty Needle, were at market for the first time this year! Just look at that jacket made entirely out of woven strips of fabric…. Just amazing!

It was the end of the first day, and I was bleary eyed with overstimulation, but I had a great conversation with Tonya Alexander of Stash Lab Quilts. She is kinda local to me and this was her first market too! She does some stunning quilts with vibrant colors and they are all real stash busters.

I hope you enjoyed that :) and maybe got some fresh inspiration too!


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