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Krista's Top 10 Stocking Stuffers for Quilters

Are you all ready for Christmas? Maybe you need a few little items for the quilter on your list!.... Or maybe you need to print this blog and give it to *ahem* Santa's helper, before he goes shopping ;)

Here are a few of my favorite quilting tools and a couple of funny items thrown in that just make me laugh. I’m not much of a gadget queen, but I have a little collection of things I can’t live without.

There is no shortage of bobbin storage options out there, and this one is by far my favorite. I like that I can see all the bobbins and the thread color that is on them. It is made out of flexible rubber so getting the bobbins in and out is easy, and they don’t slide around while they are in there.

I use these pins every day! The flat flower head is perfect for piecing because it lays flat as I am feeding my pieces into the machine, not rolling or tilting or pulling on the throat of the machine, and you can sew much closer to the pin before pulling it out!

These pins are perfect for when I’m working with heat. The glass head won’t melt so you can press over them without issue.

Aren’t these the best?! Hahahaha!! Sometimes you just gotta say it ;)

I love this coloring book! I’m a sketcher whenever I can find the time, and this book gives you some great lines to fill in, and who knows, maybe you could even make one into a quilt if you’re inspired!

This shirt made me smile :) there’s a funny story about it. I was recently vacationing in Mexico with a couple of girlfriends and about four days in, we were poolside talking about how nice it was to relax… until I murmured under my breath (but not quiet enough) that I missed sewing. They both died laughing and rolled their eyes…. I know, I’m hopeless!

This is the coolest gadget ever! I had a couple of gals in class recently who had done this to their machines, and the difference it made was really impressive. It is super easy to install and would work on any machine.

These are a lifesaver! If you’ve ever tried to put a straight pin through multiple layers or leather or canvas you know what a nightmare it can be. You will find so many reasons to use these.

Everyone needs refill rotary blades. These come in packs of five and ten as well… stock up, you never know when you may roll over a pin!

This is my favorite seam ripper, It is simple and fits easily in my hand. I have a few of these lying around so one is never too far away!

Well there it is! If you made the stocking from a couple of weeks ago (see that post here) you can now fill it with some pretty handy tools. Do you have a favorite item that I didn’t mention here? I would love to know what tools you can’t live without!

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