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Turn About's Fair Play

I had the opportunity this week to return to one of my childhood haunts; The Fair! I got my start as a young seamstress spilling through the doors of the 4H sewing barn, my arms bulging with that year’s sewing loot (that’s code for finished projects:)

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I would sit on one side of a long table while the judges looked over everything. They would do a sort of interview about my process all the while giving me tips and advice on how to sharpen my sewing skills. It was awesome! The next year, I would return with even more loot and proof that I had perfected what they had advised the year before. I’m sure they got a chuckle out of it all, and I got invaluable lessons I would have otherwise never learned.

This year, I returned to the fair, only this time I was on that side of the table… The Island County Fair asked me to help judge all the quilting entries! What a delight! I spent the day poring over piles of quilts, doing what those judges had done for me years ago.

I have to say, I gave a lot of blue ribbons :) I also gave a lot of advice-haha! (please forgive me if your quilt was judged by me and the notes resemble the Library of Congress).

It never ceases to amaze me the talent and unique creativity of different people. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at each and every quilt. Have you ever thought of entering a quilt in the local fair? Please consider it :) The viewing public would love to see what you’ve been working on… especially those of us with fair memories of our own.

Judges Choice Award Winner


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