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That Was Easy!

Are you looking forward to some holiday-themed quilting? Maybe you’ve already started! Fall is in the air, and that means Christmas is right around the corner (my favorite!) I can hardly wait to get my Christmas quilt collection out. I thought I would share a favorite pattern that I redesigned with a Christmas theme, and you won’t believe how easy it is. This is one you will definitely be able to finish before the holidays ;)

I made a new YouTube video showing just how simple the process is. I even showed an alternate assembly that makes it even faster/simpler (perfect for beginners). If you have a friend that is just getting into quilting, this might be a good buddy project! I’ve had several classes recently where new quilters were brought to class by friends who had shared the quilting bug, and I could tell it was fun for both parties to be doing the process together. It is very inspiring to watch that happen :)

if you’d like one of the kits or the pattern I show in the video, you can find those here

Happy Sunday everyone,


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