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Let's Party!

I’m taking you on an adventure to one of my favorite local haunts. This is Quilting Mayhem in Snohomish, WA., quilt shop extraordinaire! This weekend is their three year anniversary, and they really know how to party :)

They moved to a huge new building mid last year and wasted no time making it their own. If you are local and want to join the party, they are doing fun things all weekend (until 5pm tonight). Don’t worry, if you are not local I was thinking of you, and I have tons of photos so you will feel like you’ve been there too!

The thing about going to a local shop when you’re a quilter is, you know everybody! Hahaha! I turned around and there was Sue: she was in one of my recent workshops and made this Champagne and Pearls quilt. It turned out so beautiful! We snooped around looking for backing and binding, and she promised to share a photo when it is all quilted.

There is a real sense of community at Quilting Mayhem, it’s like the town barbershop for quilters. You know the place they ask you what you’re working on and get excited about it with you? The girls there are super chatty and helpful and fun.

This is Mindy, the owner, she told me a story about one of their regulars. She couldn’t physically help with their move, but wanted to do something, so she created the most beautiful planter boxes that festoon the railings along the front of the store! Mindy is a doll, and she puts so much effort into making her store a place quilters just want to be. That’s contagious, Mindy! Keep it up :)

Here are some great photos of different features around the store. They have a color wall that will blow your mind! I once got thirty different turquoise fabrics shading light to dark… that’s right THIRTY, and I left bolts on the shelf!

I ran into another quilter friend, this is Cher, she has been in my classes over the years, and I’ve machine quilted for her and her Mom even longer…. we go way back ;) She just bought my Ombre Blossoms pattern and was in the store to buy fabric for it. I make everyone pinky swear they’ll send photos, so I’ll share pics of her finished quilt when I get them.

On the other side of the store is the sewing machine area. They sell and service machines on this side. They also sell Handi Quilter longarm machines, and they even have one you can rent time on to quilt your own quilts.

They have oodles of classroom space for retreats or private groups. Talk about room to spread out! They don’t have a liquor license, but I’m told they are planning a regular “Sip n Sew”.... the best idea ever!

Well there you have it, a peek into my day’s adventures. If you’re ever in the area, I’m sure you’ll love this spot too.

Happy weekend, everyone!


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