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Just Four Fat Quarters!

I’m serious! You don’t need much fabric for this little baby quilt! 

Last weekend, I had a baby shower to go to and needed to work up a quick quilt. The mother-to-be loves surprises and never wants to know the gender ahead of time….! So, I went to my stash and scrounged around for something that looked gender-neutral. I found four fat quarters that looked good together and got to work. I love the way this little quilt turned out, and I thought I would share how I did it. You could always expand this idea to make a lap quilt or bigger!

First, you’ll need four fat quarters. For this next quilt, I chose a black and white plaid plus three bright companion fabrics. The purple fabric is sort of an ombre shading lighter as it goes across the fabric.

Follow this cutting guide to cut each fat quarter for the least amount of waste. You can print this diagram here and keep it with your supplies for future reference. 

From each fat quarter, you’ll get eight 6½” triangles, eight 3½” triangles, and a 1½” leftover strip (save this for later). You’ll also get 6½” wedge triangle pieces at the end of each 6½” strip, those make the perfect fill in pieces for the sides of your quilt.

I laid out all my triangles, big and small to fill in all the space. There are six rows of seven triangle blocks each. This layout is about 29" x 36" when finished. I put one of the wedge triangle pieces on the ends of each row. I did come up two blocks short, but where there’s a will there’s a way!

I had two wedge pieces left, and I sewed them to each other to make another triangle. I also sewed the 1½” leftover strips together until I could cut one more 6½” triangle from that. And just like that, I used up 100% of those fat quarters!

Here you see how the 3½” triangles sewn together make 6½” triangle units. I was able to make eight blocks like this.

I sewed the blocks into horizontal rows pressing the seams between the blocks open. Then, I sewed the rows to each other and pressed those long seams open too.

And just like that, a quick gift was done! And, now I have a bonus quilt for when the next baby shower sneaks up on me.

Happy Sunday everyone! And Happy Easter too!


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