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I Needed a Plan!

How do you organize your stash? I've been asked several times to do a blog about this, but I kind of felt ill-equipped because I don't have a huge stash. I typically buy just enough fabric to do whatever I’m working on (crazy I know). I like to do scrap projects and use things up, so even if I have leftovers, they aren’t here for long!

I've been slowly working to combine my scraps from a couple of different sewing areas and group them into color piles. This is a project that I started last fall and you guys have already seen a few fruits from that labor :) It's amazing what you can dig out when you start sorting. 

I mostly put similar colors together, but I made special piles for Christmas fabrics or 4th of July fabrics. I separated the pre-cut leftover blocks from past projects. I stacked neat little piles of triangles and gathered up fat quarters and charm packs from all corners.

I really need to see all my fabric if I ever want to remember what I have and use it up. This means that boxes and tubs have never really worked for me. I saw these little rolling carts at IKEA and thought they would be just perfect! 

Here you see some of my color piles. I organized them with the smallest pieces on top, so they don’t get lost in the layers. Most of these piles consist of pieces that are ½ yard or smaller, but I have a couple of yards folded at the bottom of a couple of these piles. I usually only buy what I need for a project, so to have yardage is unusual.

Once I had my piles sorted, I began filling the carts! They look so pretty with their colorful stacks side by side.

I used a few shelves/baskets for all my neutral whites, grays, and blacks. I also added a stripe section and a few baskets to hold everything for a single project still in process. This may be the best part, I have at least five different quilts I can pick up and finish if I ever get bored, haha!

Once the big fabrics were sorted, I turned my attention to the pre-cuts and unused blocks. I also picked up these letter files at IKEA and thought they would be perfect as they are see-through and stackable.

I began layering each tray with pre-cuts in a single collection or with similar styles. These trays are about 2½” deep, so I made nice flat stacks and spread them out. It’s so accessible now, that I can just grab that tray and start tinkering on a new scrap idea when the time comes.

Organized at last! Just look how nice this looks! Now, to keep it this way ;) Haha!

Happy Sunday everyone,


Oh, and one more thing. We just restocked the shop with City Girl Chevron and Honeycomb Hexagon kits. They have been out of stock for a while, and I know some of you have been asking about them.

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