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All Daisies Blow In The Wind

I have a very sweet quilt to reveal to you this week! This is my latest addition to the growing quilt pattern family :) Big Sky Bloom!

This quilt was little more than a fuzzy idea while I was teaching in Montana in August. I was lucky enough to go to four different quilt shops while I was there, and that’s where this quilt got its name...all those Big Sky Montana blues I found make up the background. I just love how this one turned out!

I thought I would take you on a little behind the scenes tour of what it takes to photograph these quilts once they are done…. Let’s just say, there’s a lot in the blooper reel that never gets seen! Haha!

We took the quilt to Mt. Rainier, first, hoping to get that big sky feel… and the wind just blew the whole time! Even the slightest breeze will wrap these things around your legs or turn them into a parachute in a second. The quilt and stand went flying more than once! Oh well…

I had this vision of the quilt in a little girl's room, and thought it would be so cute to do a photo shoot with my friend’s little girl…. Well, she was less than enthusiastic about my vision! Hahaha!

We got every kind of photo except the one with her looking at the camera and smiling… honestly if it wasn’t for bubbles, we would have been sunk.

Finally we found her happy place :) the jungle gym!

So I’m off to Quilt Market this weekend, showing off all the new patterns and demoing the ruler. Wish me luck! And if you would like a copy of this new pattern, it is available here in the web shop now!

Happy Sunday, everyone!


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